Breaking Through the Binaries

A new generation of filmmakers and influencers are rewriting the roles and representation of the LGBTQ community in pop culture.

Love is Complicated — and Marriage is a Strange Beast

Love is complicated. Being a parent sometimes brings out your own parent in you. Families share unspoken codes only their hearts can decipher. And marriage is a strange beast. These are the only-too-real truths that Natasha Badhwar’s latest book 'Immortal for a Moment' mirrors back to you.

The Making of ‘Ladies First’, a Documentary on Archer Deepika Kumari

A glimpse behind the scenes of ‘Ladies First’, a new documentary on top-ranked Indian archer Deepika Kumari, made by husband-wife duo Uraaz Bahl and Shaana Levy Bahl.

How Sonam Kapoor Conquered the Virtual World

The Bollywood actress and fashion icon sure knows how to grab eyeballs. What is it that makes her social-media feed irresistible?

17 Ideas for Guilt-free Parenting in 2017

Enough with the self-judgement and guilt trips! Take these 17 vows to make parenting easier on yourself and your kids this year.

Doll, Diva, Digital Whiz – Will the Real Sunny Leone Please Stand Up?

Sunny Leone has used her superlative, carnally motivated command over the nation’s youth to huge profit. The more people Googled her, the more valuable her time and social media became.

10 Lessons Today’s Fashion Journalists Can Learn from Bill Cunningham

The fashion world mourned the death of famous photographer Bill Cunningham at the age of 87 this month. Here's what today's fashion scribes can learn from him.

The Husband Who Couldn’t Stop Buying Books and the Wife Who Couldn’t Stop Reading Them

Books bring my husband and I closer as a couple. We discuss what we read, and it is gratifying when we happen to love the same books. I give every book of his a chance – if I like the first chapter, I read it to the end.

Retouch Me Not! Kate Winslet and 8 Other Celebrities Against Photoshop

Award-winning actress Kate Winslet’s new stance against Photoshop has brought the topic to the fore, and has ‘retouched’ an old conversation. Here are other celebrities who have spoken up against excessive Photoshopping.

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