A Taste of Indian Hospitality in Ajman

A luxurious new property by The Oberoi Group in UAE called Al Zorah is all set to put the little emirate of Ajman on the global tourist radar.

The Wellness Principle: The Most Exquisite Spa Resorts in the World

These couple and bridal therapies in some of the world’s most exquisite spa resorts will increase your health and well-being quotient, and add a dash of romance at the same time.

Ranthambore Reverie: All Set for a Safari Surprise

As a destination, Ranthambore is a great pick for lovers of nature and, increasingly, those looking for five-star pampering along with it.

Shreyas, Bangalore: A Journey into Silence

With a task force of 65 persons, the resort offers just 14 rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 25 guests. A guest to staff ratio like that ensures quality service besides attention to detail that defies expectation.

The Luxury of Solitude

Living in a land of abundant resources but few people, for Canadians, the idea of luxury is a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a cook at home – something that privileged city-dwellers in India would take for granted. A couple of Canadian women marvelled when I told them a pedicure in a nice salon in Delhi would cost just 15 dollars.

The Canadian Rockies: Mountains of Delight

We’re driving through the Canadian Rockies of Alberta where the landscape is unbelievably gorgeous and the weather just right for a summer holiday. Our journey begins at Banff, a quaint town located uncharacteristically inside a national park, and takes us to the snow-drenched Lake Louise. Along the way, we sight a record five bears in one day.

Travel: Flying Across a Colourful World

What's the most fascinating destination I've ever visited? The answer isn't one, but several.

Lebua Bangkok: An Angel in My Soup

The panorama of the city vies for your attention, the breeze rummages through your hair and sounds of a live band float six hundred feet above the ground into nothing. Gathering your wits, you descend lower and find yourself welcomed into Sirocco, the highest al fresco restaurant in the world, one of the gems on offer at the Dome, Lebua Hotels & Resorts, and one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the Thailand capital.

The Leela, Udaipur: Palace on the Lake

Situation on the side of Lake Pichola nestled between the hills of the Aravalis, bordering the old city of Udaipur, the Leela Palace twinkles with potential. Its majestic lakeside façade is precisely the reason why arriving guests are brought in by boat and not by road.

Champagne in India: A Toast to Versatility

In Singhal’s enlightening company, I managed to put away a Piper-Heidsieck Brut and Taittinger prestige rosé along with batata vada and an afternoon coffee. We later had a Cristal with arhar dal and bharwan baingan, and a Laurent Perrier Grande Siecle with gatte ki curry and jeera chawal at dinner. Then came a saber-cut Pommery and a fantastic Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin with a breakfast of upma-sambar the next morning. And at no point did the taste-buds rebel.

Canada’s Ice Wine: A Sip of Sweet Delight

With its chilly, frosty winters working to its advantage, Canada quickly grew in this domain and is now the largest producer of ice wines in the world. Ontario, where we sampled the local ice wine, contributes 75 per cent of Canada’s ice wine production.

Bintan Lagoon Resort: Pure Golf and Gloriousness

A short 55-minute ferry ride away from Singapore coupled with a 20-minute coach drive through stunning vistas, Bintan Lagoon Resort in Indonesia is every golfer’s dream. Ranked amongst the top 100 golf resorts in the world, the tropical weather, blue seas and lush forests make for delightful backdrops for an 18-hole or two.

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