Movie Review: Katiyabaaz

The award-winning documentary made last year and released in Indian cinemas last week zeroes in on Kanpur’s infamous electricity failings.

The Freedom Chronicles

Whatever your political stance, private values or public choices, freedom has an intensely personal connotation for all of us. We speak to Indian women from different walks of life and from all across India on what freedom means to them.

Fifty Shades of Freedom

Freedom, Indian women have learnt, doesn’t come easy, free or cheap. In fact, some would tell you freedom isn’t a destination at all. It’s a work of precious progress. You build some, you lose some, you build some more.

José Covaco: Love, Sex, Weddings, Marriage

A talk with youth icon, MTV host and first-time author José Covaco for his sage views on love, sex and marriage.

Stop Playing Divisive Politics

Several Indo-Pak couples have expressed the difficulties they face in day-to-day lives, and the narrow-minded views of leaders such as Laxman only exacerbate them, derailing any possibility of a peaceful solution to neighbourly antagonism.

Here Comes the Bride… Again: The Politics of a Second Wedding

For one, there’s an element of both joy and wistfulness about the whole affair. You’re happy, of course, but there are complicated emotions involved – memories, both painful and sweet, play on loop as flashbacks from your first wedding, scenes from your former marriage show up uninvited on the projector screen of your mind, conversations with your ex-spouse lie invisibly between the lines of even the most earnest endearments to your new one.

Two Infertile Husbands, Several Heartbreaks and a Baby Girl

After all those years of desire and disappointment, the clouds of Padma’s karma suddenly cleared up to a bright Mumbai morning on February 7 this year. “Just six months after registering, we were called to the orphanage to see a little girl. It was a miracle that we got our turn so soon,” says Padma.

Movie Review: Her

Despite being a movie with only subtle special effects, no fast-paced action, no (real) sex, no exquisite landscapes, no beautiful people, no heartrending sentimentality, not even a real person to play the part of the female lead, 'Her' is a remarkable love story.

A Suitable Indian Boy

What is it like for a Western woman to be married to an Indian man, to adjust to not just his quirks but also those of his family, community and country?

Fate by Design: Create Your Own Destiny

What you believe is what you see, and what you expect is what you get.

Why You Should Seek Meaning, Not Fortune or Glory

Fame, fortune, power, glory… you’d think humans chase after these because they guarantee happiness. But research says otherwise – these are shortlived indicators of a person’s sense of happiness and well-being.

Wedding Vows December 2013 editorial

I cannot help but recall the chilling events of last December when a 23-year-old Delhi-based physiotherapy student’s life was snuffed out in yet another instance of gender violence that now dot newspapers with alarming frequency. A happy wedding was not in her destiny.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar: Parent Trap

Days before a CBI court in Ghaziabad is to announce its verdict on the controversial murder case, Dr Rajesh and Dr Nupur Talwar, who are the prime accused for the murder of their daughter, find solace in relating anecdotes from her life and looking desperately for the meaning in the unimaginable tale of grief, suffering and frustration they have been subjected to over the past five years.

Sumedh Rajendran and Masooma Syed: In Art and War

Ten years into a relationship that has been tested unreasonably due to their nationalities, the famous duo wear their Indo-Pak badge lightly, even with raised eyebrows.

Book Review: Proof of Heaven, by Dr Eben Alexander

Over the past four hundred years or so, the chasm between spirituality and science has grown wider and wider, so that today, it is considered unscientific to talk about God. One needs to seek 'proof of heaven', as it were, before committing to any belief.

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