3D-Printed Jewellery for Fashion Mavericks

Infinite-Petals-Amazonite-Stone-&-Blue-Chacedony-Resin-ring-R1560-32-363-426bJewellery brand ISHARYA has just sent the world of fashion jewellery in a tizzy with its new offering.

While 3D printing has been increasingly explored in jewellery-making of late, the brand’s founders Gauri and Radhika Tandon (who are sisters-in-law) have gone ahead and created an entire collection called ‘​​Infinite Petals’ using state-of-the-art 3D printed technology, making them the first in India to do so​.

Infinite-Petals-Collection-Card-by-ISHARYA-Jewelry2.jpgThe gold-plated pieces in the collection are light-weight, versatile and intricate, in an attempt to juxtapose ​modernity with tradition. ISHARYA has a presence in 60 countries with retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, Ensemble and Aza, ​​amongst others. With a rapidly growing e-commerce footprint and social-media presence, ​​the brand’s collection themes range from prehistoric crocodiles to the temples of Hampi.

Its pieces have been spotted on international icons such as ​​Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, Sonam Kapoor, Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra, ​​to name a few.​ The ‘Infinite Petals’ collection will soon be available in over ​​500 fine retail and online stores.

It remains to be seen how Indian customers – who are accustomed to investing in heavy gold pieces – will take to this new lightweight avatar.


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