It’s Time for Matchmaking in India to “Adjust and Compromise”

A new web series has triggered a generational debate over arranged marriage and matchmaking in India.

Love is Complicated — and Marriage is a Strange Beast

Love is complicated. Being a parent sometimes brings out your own parent in you. Families share unspoken codes only their hearts can decipher. And marriage is a strange beast.
These are the only-too-real truths that Natasha Badhwar’s latest book 'Immortal for a Moment' mirrors back to you.

The Husband Who Couldn’t Stop Buying Books and the Wife Who Couldn’t Stop Reading Them

Books bring my husband and I closer as a couple. We discuss what we read, and it is gratifying when we happen to love the same books. I give every book of his a chance – if I like the first chapter, I read it to the end.

José Covaco: Love, Sex, Weddings, Marriage

A talk with youth icon, MTV host and first-time author José Covaco for his sage views on love, sex and marriage.

Stop Playing Divisive Politics

Several Indo-Pak couples have expressed the difficulties they face in day-to-day lives, and the narrow-minded views of leaders such as Laxman only exacerbate them, derailing any possibility of a peaceful solution to neighbourly antagonism.

A Suitable Indian Boy

What is it like for a Western woman to be married to an Indian man, to adjust to not just his quirks but also those of his family, community and country?

Wedding Vows November 2013 editorial

Let’s be honest now. Honeymoons aren’t as perfect as they’re made out to be. Not many of us in the new jet-setting, mismatched-official-leave situation are lucky enough to have one at all – my husband and I only managed to drive down for a night to a golf resort in neighbouring Noida where we lounged about in the pool and had a massage in the spa.

There’s a Mother-in-Law in My Bed

It’s your everyday middle-class Indian home. A young couple, married for a couple of years, are waking up to a rainy morning. The wife cuddles up to the husband for a quick peck before pushing him out of bed first – she takes longer in the bathroom and prefers going second. Suddenly, his mother comes into the room and slides into their bed saying, “I thought I’d just lie here with you for a while. I didn’t feel like sleeping alone on such a day.”

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