José Covaco: Love, Sex, Weddings, Marriage

jose covaco ladies pleaseJosé Covaco’s new book Ladies Please! Dating Truths By A Man (Random House India, Rs 250) claims to be a witty book on dating advice and tips on unravelling men. The radio and TV show host warns, however, “I’m sorry, ladies, you’re probably not going to like some of the stuff in my book. I know it’s a bit harsh but that’s a side effect of the truth. I just want you to be happy.” He suggests that for more truthful insights into the minds of men, you could talk to one, or else look for the podcast José does with Suresh Menon called Kaanmasti. We talk to the youth icon, MTV host and first-time author for his sage views on:

Love and sex: From a male perspective, these are two very different things completely unrelated to each other. Men are able to have sex with people they don’t love and don’t necessarily love people they might have sex with. Men also have the ability (or disability) to love person A, have sex with person B, and STILL be in love with person A. We’re complex, stupid creatures. But women can’t seem do this even if they genuinely believe they can. I’m told that for women, love and sex are directly connected to each other. There’s no such thing as “No strings attached”. In fact, they’re rubber bands, not strings. For love and sex to merge, men need to get in touch with their feminine sides—or get married.

IMG_2133On Indian weddings: I love weddings—Indian weddings are like slightly slower speed dating exercises for the single people attending them. They are great places to meet people and fall in ‘like’ with someone. Relatives will sign you up to meet prospective life partners even if you’re not interested. All you have to do is shower and show up.

On the institution of marriage: Marriage is amazing and is truly an institution. It is, in fact, many institutions all at once. Sometimes a mental institution, sometimes an institution for rehabilitation and other times some kind of educational institution. (You learn about how you’re wrong about most things every alternate day). It isn’t a ‘man’made institution, for sure, but it’s the best institution I’ve ever been part of, probably because the fees are so high.

First published in the July-August 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Bride 

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