Biren Vaidya: The Man Who Sells Dreams

Within a few years of joining Rose International – a jewellery wholesaler – as partner, Biren Vaidya launched the Rose Collection, India’s first branded diamond jewellery that could be sold at department stores in the early nineties. His brand is now one of the biggest jewellery houses in India.

Ankur Bhatia: Frequent Flyer

A tete-a-tete with Ankur Bhatia, executive director of the Bird Group of companies, one of the leading luxury conglomerates in India.

The Luxury of Waste: When Will We Stop?

It is only ‘modern’, wealthy humans who buy more than they require, who eat (or drink or smoke) more than they can digest, who build more than they can ever use, who waste more than they create. But natural resources don’t follow consumer cultures.

Luxury Fakes and the Importance of Being Genuine

Genuine products and people do have something that resonates with something deep inside us. Ultimately, no matter what you say (or think) you are, your truth will eventually parade itself in broad daylight.

Champagne in India: A Toast to Versatility

In Singhal’s enlightening company, I managed to put away a Piper-Heidsieck Brut and Taittinger prestige rosé along with batata vada and an afternoon coffee. We later had a Cristal with arhar dal and bharwan baingan, and a Laurent Perrier Grande Siecle with gatte ki curry and jeera chawal at dinner. Then came a saber-cut Pommery and a fantastic Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin with a breakfast of upma-sambar the next morning. And at no point did the taste-buds rebel.

Ameera Al Hakawati: A Diva in Dubai

Shining like a brand new Ferrari, Dubai’s time has come in contemporary literature. Desperate in Dubai, a new novel by Ameera Al Hakawati (not her real name), takes the route of the chick-lit with large doses of social satire and a dash of passion.

Accessorising a Man’s World

According to a recent KSA Tecnopak Luxury Study, the average luxury consumer in India is an urban, post-graduate, thirty-six-year-old male, who owns at least one premium or luxury saloon car, and holidays at least once a year at a foreign destination.

Luxury Meter: A Time for This

Luxury is a matter of perspective. To one, it may be opulence, the grandness of the décor and service. To another it may be the attention to detail, or a product’s masterful functionality. To a frenzied city bird like myself, with a dozen activities to do at any given moment, it is time that spells luxury.

Canada’s Ice Wine: A Sip of Sweet Delight

With its chilly, frosty winters working to its advantage, Canada quickly grew in this domain and is now the largest producer of ice wines in the world. Ontario, where we sampled the local ice wine, contributes 75 per cent of Canada’s ice wine production.

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