Shoes You Can Live and Die In

ASOLAGlobetrotters who insist on the finest and most comfortable footwear while they travel should check out the new Asola, Ermenegildo Zegna’s update on the Italian classic, Il Mocassino.

image024This new signature design by the Italian luxury menswear brand is anchored by the reference to the Italian buttonhole or ‘asola’. Lightweight pliable leather and hand-crafted reverse construction make the shoes foldable and packable.

A classic moccasin inspired by the buttonhole detail, the shoes weigh only 280 grams and are perfect for the travelling man who seeks style without compromising comfort. Italians, in fact, wear them without socks.

The range is made in Italy, where the brand has been headquartered since 1910. You can shop the collection from any of the brand’s 524 stores in over 100 countries around the world, including India.


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