Brandon Bays: 21st Century Healer

brandon-bays.jpgAt the age of 39, even though Brandon Bays was living a vibrant, healthy, fulfilled life and doing everything ‘right’, she was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball. “This proved to be my wake-up call, the call to uncover the shut-downs, hurts and traumas which were unconsciously keeping me from living as an expression of my true essence,” says the American author of The Journey. “The tumour was my greatest gift; it made me explore the real truth of my being and start living life from a deeper realisation. I healed completely and naturally from the tumour on only six-and-a-half weeks’ time, without the need for surgery.”

Since this extraordinary healing 20 years ago, Brandon’s life has now become an ‘ongoing journey of freedom’. “I feel deeply graced,” she tells us on a visit to India to conduct a workshop about the healing process for the first time. “I pray that more and more people wake up and find the love, the joy, the profound peace inside themselves, and the natural healing this can bring. My only prayer to life is that it uses me as a vehicle of awakening and healing to our planet. It is for this reason that I have returned to India, my spiritual home,” she shares.

Brandon is deeply affected by the work of Dr Deepak Chopra, who amassed thousands of case studies of people who had healed from illness. “These people had only two things in common,” she explains. “Firstly, by some act of God or spontaneous event, they had somehow gotten access to that infinite wisdom inside, the innate genius that causes your hair to grow, eyes to shine and heart to beat. And secondly, they had literally given up the struggle and had fallen on their knees in the humility of total surrender. The fact that these people had healed naturally from very serious diseases proved to me that the human body was capable of such radical healing, and that meant it was possible for my body to heal in that way too,” she elaborates.

On an ardent spiritual journey since childhood, Brandon visited India for the first time at the age of 19. On a later visit, she met HWL Poonja, a student of Sri Ramana Maharshi. “The name Poonjaji gave me was Janaki, born of the self – the unborn. He said, ‘If you stay unborn, you remain what you are, and hence you stay infinite. Enlightenment is not a onetime revelation, it’s an ever-changing mystery’,” she recalls. Brandon had been assisting American personal-growth guru Tony Robbins before her tumour struck, but her path was to lead her to much more tortuous journeys – her daughter ran away, her house burned down, the government insensitively took away 100 per cent of her income, and her husband left her for another woman. And yet, she overcame her torment and her face glows with peace and wisdom today. “If you are willing to simply stop your story of pain and open up into the infinite potential and freedom that you already are then, no matter what your beliefs, healing is available. At the deepest level we all have access to an innate greatness that can orchestrate our lives perfectly and magnificently. The problem is that we are all deeply imprinted by life’s conditioning, its ‘vasanas’ and ‘samskaras’, what I have come to call the silent saboteurs,” she explains.

Brandon has now developed a system of healing called the Journey Method, which “allows people here to uncover and clear their vasanas and sanskaras, their cell memories and open to the deep sense of freedom, to come to a place of wholeness and healing through forgiveness.”

First published in Atelier magazine

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