Puneet B Saini: Anushka Sharma’s Makeup Artist for ‘Bombay Velvet’

Puneet B Saini talks about the art and research behind Anushka Sharma's looks in Anurag Kashyap's 'Bombay Velvet'.

Meet India’s New Recyclistas

Armed with laptops, smartphones and management degrees, and driven by the idea of social change and empowerment, these ‘recyclistas’ use a profit model to incentivise ‘upcycling’ of waste for lifestyle products and functional works of art.

For the Love of Jasmine

From the flower beds to the Vedas, from romance to beauty and food, ‘moonbeams’ are fragrant with luxury.

The Marriage Maestros in India’s Booming Wedding Industry

India’s famous big fat wedding now demands high end innovation. These are the people who make it happen.

Indian ‘Mithais’ Get a Designer Twist

Who gives regular old laddoo-pedas at weddings any more? These gourmet sweet-makers offer festive confections with style and substance.

Prashi and Pramel: Party Perfect

Getting the details perfect is a given at Prashe Décor, founded by brother-sister duo Prashi Shah and Pramel Shah who have been designing Indian weddings across the US and abroad.

The Smile Report: The What, How & How Much of Dental Aesthetics

State-of-the-art dental treatments allow you to whiten your teeth, fix that toothy grin, and add dazzle to your smile for those priceless wedding photos. 

Liza Varma: Party Virtuoso

Starting out with modelling for fun, and moving on to being one of India’s leading fashion choreographers with over 2,000 shows to her credit, Kolkata-born Liza Varma has been part of the Indian fashion and glamour circuit for several years.

Martha Wiedemann: From Health to Happiness

Her youthful looks belie her age and the fact that she’s a grandmother to a two-year-old. But if there is one thing Martha Wiedemann, spa consultant and wellness expert, attributes her seeming agelessness to, it is the power of holistic living, and paying equal attention to mind, body and soul.

Wedding Vows November 2013 editorial

Let’s be honest now. Honeymoons aren’t as perfect as they’re made out to be. Not many of us in the new jet-setting, mismatched-official-leave situation are lucky enough to have one at all – my husband and I only managed to drive down for a night to a golf resort in neighbouring Noida where we lounged about in the pool and had a massage in the spa.

The Big Buffet: India’s Booming Wedding Market

Set against a gloomy backdrop of a slowing economy, rising inflation and falling value of the rupee against the dollar, the luxury wedding market in India shines so brightly with its zardozi gold threads and kundan-studded glitter that one is tempted to label it ‘recession-proof’.

The Dream Weavers: Meet India’s Wedding Specialists

Whether it is a luxurious ambience or impeccable service; candid moments captured for posterity or a movie that will tug at your heartstrings forever; the bride’s delicate glow or the intricacy of the wedding invite, these are India’s ultimate dream weavers of fairy-tale weddings.

Five-Star Culinary Workshops Have Raised the Bar

In the past few years, five-star culinary workshops teaching global cuisine have become increasingly popular.

Book Review: The Weight Loss Club (fiction) by Devapriya Roy

Written with insight, compassion and wit, the interwoven stories in the book grow on you, tugging both your funny bone and your heartstrings, until you find yourself hooked to the end. For those who cannot resist 21st-century urban fairy tales, this one is a clincher.

Why Some Lifestyle Mags Die, and Some Don’t

As part of the launch team of Marie Claire in India, I was full of google-eyed dreams of responsible journalism, saving Indian women from their sad plights, and heart-wrenching writing that would drive my readers to goose-bumps. Soon, however, tubes of expensive lip gloss and designer sunglasses found their way into my work cabinets, sitting pretty with my Buddha figurine and visiting cards.

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