The Marriage Maestros in India’s Booming Wedding Industry

India’s famous big fat wedding now demands high end innovation. These are the people who make it happen.

Mili Ghosh: The Big Fat Vegas Wedding

Ghosh found herself once again behind the lens at the much-talked-about US$ 9 million wedding of Houston-based industrialist Pankaj Malani, 34, and Avnie Patel, 29, in Las Vegas. Malani, who is an avid poker player and frequents Vegas very often, always wanted to have his wedding at the iconic Bellagio there.

Here Comes the Bride… Again: The Politics of a Second Wedding

For one, there’s an element of both joy and wistfulness about the whole affair. You’re happy, of course, but there are complicated emotions involved – memories, both painful and sweet, play on loop as flashbacks from your first wedding, scenes from your former marriage show up uninvited on the projector screen of your mind, conversations with your ex-spouse lie invisibly between the lines of even the most earnest endearments to your new one.

Wedding Vows November 2013 editorial

Let’s be honest now. Honeymoons aren’t as perfect as they’re made out to be. Not many of us in the new jet-setting, mismatched-official-leave situation are lucky enough to have one at all – my husband and I only managed to drive down for a night to a golf resort in neighbouring Noida where we lounged about in the pool and had a massage in the spa.

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