Why Indian Wear Brands Defy Fashion Rules But Rule Ecommerce in India

Indian wear or contemporary ethnic wear for women dominates the online fashion space, and yet it’s a completely new domain that defies international fashion standards and rules.

Good Earth and Nicobar: Reinventing Indian Luxury, Twice

Hugely popular design retailers Good Earth and Nicobar are both a culmination of risky business decisions that appear sound only in retrospect. Here is what it takes to reinvent, twice, the modern Indian concept of luxury

Luxury Gifting Alternative: The Experience of a Lifetime

Luxury retailers have long known that an experience scores higher in EQ and recall value than just a product, and so they’ve created entire universes around their offerings.

Luxury Meter: The Closet Shopaholic

Come Diwali season and suddenly, the shopaholic in me goes boom. My usual preoccupations (read: office work, kids’ homework and domestic housework) go flying out of my head and are replaced by lusty images and provocative scenes.

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