Why Indian Wear Brands Defy Fashion Rules But Rule Ecommerce in India

Indian wear or contemporary ethnic wear for women dominates the online fashion space, and yet it’s a completely new domain that defies international fashion standards and rules.

Swati and Sunaina: Zari and the Art of Banarasi Sari Maintenance

Sari designers Swati Agarwal and Sunaina Jalan are reviving the art of Banarasi zari to make it economically viable and aesthetically breathtaking.

Lecoanet Hemant: Clothed in Reinvention

The 40-year journey of haute couturiers Lecoanet Hemant from Paris to Delhi is one of restless change and a constant pushing of boundaries.

Sanya Dhir: The Sari’s New Crusader

Sanya Dhir – a theatre aficionado with several acclaimed performances under her belt – gets all excited when she talks about the brand’s mid-level line, Elements by Sanya Dhir. Designed for working urban women, the line offers zip-on saris, pre-pleated and stitched saris, sari ensembles that can be worn with pants and versatile tops in various kinds of digital, contemporary prints.

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