Insta-Love: Teens, Sex and Technology

Conservative values and sex-shy family communication are clashing with overtly sexual media messages wherever you turn, from Bollywood songs to Western TV shows to front pages of newspapers. One can forgive today’s urban parents for pulling their hair out in bewilderment at just where to draw the line when it comes to the thorny maze called adolescence.

Movie Review: Her

Despite being a movie with only subtle special effects, no fast-paced action, no (real) sex, no exquisite landscapes, no beautiful people, no heartrending sentimentality, not even a real person to play the part of the female lead, 'Her' is a remarkable love story.

A Suitable Indian Boy

What is it like for a Western woman to be married to an Indian man, to adjust to not just his quirks but also those of his family, community and country?

There’s a Mother-in-Law in My Bed

It’s your everyday middle-class Indian home. A young couple, married for a couple of years, are waking up to a rainy morning. The wife cuddles up to the husband for a quick peck before pushing him out of bed first – she takes longer in the bathroom and prefers going second. Suddenly, his mother comes into the room and slides into their bed saying, “I thought I’d just lie here with you for a while. I didn’t feel like sleeping alone on such a day.”

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