Book Review: The Lives of Others, by Neel Mukherjee

As a citizen of 21st-century, wired, enthusiastic India, you’ll need courage to look this book in the eye, to face our truth, to see where we’ve come from. But you’ll also find courage within its pages.

Stop Playing Divisive Politics

Several Indo-Pak couples have expressed the difficulties they face in day-to-day lives, and the narrow-minded views of leaders such as Laxman only exacerbate them, derailing any possibility of a peaceful solution to neighbourly antagonism.

Kota Neelima: An Unequal Democracy

"I study protests, anger,” says Kota Neelima, her eyes smiling with a brightness that only comes after much self-study. A senior journalist and a research fellow at John Hopkins University, Washington DC, Neelima admits that she specialises in “anti-politics”.

The Year We Moved Towards Unfreedom

Thousands laid down their lives 70 years ago to ensure a free India today. What causes are we laying today to ensure a safe, equal, free tomorrow?

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