17 Ideas for Guilt-free Parenting in 2017

Enough with the self-judgement and guilt trips! Take these 17 vows to make parenting easier on yourself and your kids this year.

Insta-Love: Teens, Sex and Technology

Conservative values and sex-shy family communication are clashing with overtly sexual media messages wherever you turn, from Bollywood songs to Western TV shows to front pages of newspapers. One can forgive today’s urban parents for pulling their hair out in bewilderment at just where to draw the line when it comes to the thorny maze called adolescence.

Two Infertile Husbands, Several Heartbreaks and a Baby Girl

After all those years of desire and disappointment, the clouds of Padma’s karma suddenly cleared up to a bright Mumbai morning on February 7 this year. “Just six months after registering, we were called to the orphanage to see a little girl. It was a miracle that we got our turn so soon,” says Padma.

Lina Ashar: iPad Kids and Facebook Parents

Brought up in Africa and England, and trained to be an educationist in Australia, Lina Ashar was appalled by the state of education in even the most advanced Indian schools when she returned to her motherland to ‘settle down’ and raise a family. Her intense desire to bring about change led her to establish a chain of schools – which now include Kangaroo Kids, Billabong High International School and Brainworks.

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