Love is Complicated — and Marriage is a Strange Beast

Love is complicated. Being a parent sometimes brings out your own parent in you. Families share unspoken codes only their hearts can decipher. And marriage is a strange beast. These are the only-too-real truths that Natasha Badhwar’s latest book 'Immortal for a Moment' mirrors back to you.

Blame It on the Gene Pool

These days, however, a swashbuckling new stream of genetics – epigenetics – has started to display that, in fact, not only can nature be altered by nurture, but that nature actually influences nurture in the first place. One only has to glance at Indian politics to see how, with the stroke of a father’s name on one’s birth certificate, doors open and vice presidencies to ruling parties are handed out – a classic example, if ever, of epigenetical benefits.

Book Review: The Power of Silence By Graham Turner

What does silence mean to you? And what does it mean to the various keepers of religion, monks, musicians, therapists, mountaineers and actors around the world who delve into it and employ its powers on a daily basis? In this part-memoir, Graham Turner looks at the cultural, spiritual and even physical implications of making peace with silence.

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