Luxury Meter: Come Home to India

It’s an encouraging sign for the Indian luxury industry that the country is burgeoning into a hub of not just eager buyers of established brands but also creators and manufacturers of the world’s finest luxury goods.

Fine Wine, Broken Bottle

To become a global powerhouse, while we work full-steam on showcasing our talents, we also need to urgently work on our flaws. It is not difficult – India, after all, has the raw materials required for truly splendorous work.

Luxury Meter: Treading a Fine Line

It’s nice to have foreign luxury brands available at our doorstep, sweet that they create collections especially for us, flattering that they woo us with limited editions, even turning a blind eye to our lack of good taste at times. But there’s a fine line between customization and conversion.

The Luxury of Solitude

Living in a land of abundant resources but few people, for Canadians, the idea of luxury is a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a cook at home – something that privileged city-dwellers in India would take for granted. A couple of Canadian women marvelled when I told them a pedicure in a nice salon in Delhi would cost just 15 dollars.

Luxury Meter: The Closet Shopaholic

Come Diwali season and suddenly, the shopaholic in me goes boom. My usual preoccupations (read: office work, kids’ homework and domestic housework) go flying out of my head and are replaced by lusty images and provocative scenes.

Luxury Meter: The Passion Principle

Pursuing one’s passion or splurging on offbeat experiences is not about money. It’s about a state of mind. How much emphasis do we put on ‘what people think’ versus ‘what we think’?

Lebua Bangkok: An Angel in My Soup

The panorama of the city vies for your attention, the breeze rummages through your hair and sounds of a live band float six hundred feet above the ground into nothing. Gathering your wits, you descend lower and find yourself welcomed into Sirocco, the highest al fresco restaurant in the world, one of the gems on offer at the Dome, Lebua Hotels & Resorts, and one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the Thailand capital.

The Leela, Udaipur: Palace on the Lake

Situation on the side of Lake Pichola nestled between the hills of the Aravalis, bordering the old city of Udaipur, the Leela Palace twinkles with potential. Its majestic lakeside façade is precisely the reason why arriving guests are brought in by boat and not by road.

Luxury Meter: A Time for This

Luxury is a matter of perspective. To one, it may be opulence, the grandness of the décor and service. To another it may be the attention to detail, or a product’s masterful functionality. To a frenzied city bird like myself, with a dozen activities to do at any given moment, it is time that spells luxury.

Bintan Lagoon Resort: Pure Golf and Gloriousness

A short 55-minute ferry ride away from Singapore coupled with a 20-minute coach drive through stunning vistas, Bintan Lagoon Resort in Indonesia is every golfer’s dream. Ranked amongst the top 100 golf resorts in the world, the tropical weather, blue seas and lush forests make for delightful backdrops for an 18-hole or two.

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