How Nicobar Became the Digital Generation’s Go-to Lifestyle Label

Born at the intersection of design and technology, fashion and lifestyle label Nicobar has an unconventional branding and marketing strategy that is all set to change the way modern Indians shop.

The Day of the Jacket

Coats maketh the man, and nothing is more important than knowing your slim fits from your oversized priorities this season.

Why Some Lifestyle Mags Die, and Some Don’t

As part of the launch team of Marie Claire in India, I was full of google-eyed dreams of responsible journalism, saving Indian women from their sad plights, and heart-wrenching writing that would drive my readers to goose-bumps. Soon, however, tubes of expensive lip gloss and designer sunglasses found their way into my work cabinets, sitting pretty with my Buddha figurine and visiting cards.

Scotch Single Malts in India: Living the Distiller’s Dream

Whilst the single-malt community in India is still a relatively niche segment, there has no doubt been significant growth in certain categories. The consumer has, in fact, changed so much that Scottish single-malt distillery Glenmorangie, owned by world luxury giant LVMH, recently set up the India chapter of their elite Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) in Mumbai and Pune.

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