Why Indian Wear Brands Defy Fashion Rules But Rule Ecommerce in India

Indian wear or contemporary ethnic wear for women dominates the online fashion space, and yet it’s a completely new domain that defies international fashion standards and rules.

Stop Playing Divisive Politics

Several Indo-Pak couples have expressed the difficulties they face in day-to-day lives, and the narrow-minded views of leaders such as Laxman only exacerbate them, derailing any possibility of a peaceful solution to neighbourly antagonism.

Diva Editorial, March 2013

Sure, it is possible to pursue a career you are passionate about while also being there for your kids. Possible, yes, but also fantastically difficult.

Diva editorial, February 2013

If we want to be safe ourselves, we cannot ignore gender violence anywhere, on any woman, in any part of the city, village, country, world. Every time we close our eyes to news stories on sexual violence, which sit on our breakfast table with depressing regularity, we bring the demon closer and closer home.

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