Indian ‘Mithais’ Get a Designer Twist

Who gives regular old laddoo-pedas at weddings any more? These gourmet sweet-makers offer festive confections with style and substance.

The Big Buffet: India’s Booming Wedding Market

Set against a gloomy backdrop of a slowing economy, rising inflation and falling value of the rupee against the dollar, the luxury wedding market in India shines so brightly with its zardozi gold threads and kundan-studded glitter that one is tempted to label it ‘recession-proof’.

The Dream Weavers: Meet India’s Wedding Specialists

Whether it is a luxurious ambience or impeccable service; candid moments captured for posterity or a movie that will tug at your heartstrings forever; the bride’s delicate glow or the intricacy of the wedding invite, these are India’s ultimate dream weavers of fairy-tale weddings.

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