Wedding Vows December 2013 editorial

I cannot help but recall the chilling events of last December when a 23-year-old Delhi-based physiotherapy student’s life was snuffed out in yet another instance of gender violence that now dot newspapers with alarming frequency. A happy wedding was not in her destiny.

A Parody of Feminism

The recent FICCI YFLO conference was less Great Expectations and more Bleak House.

All in Support Say Aye

Supporting the working woman is of pressing importance today, when it is increasingly clear that women’s health and wealth is linked with the health and wealth of a nation.

Diva Editorial May 2013

While I respect and enjoy beauty as much as the next person, I do believe that we need to evolve out of outdated terminology. Whatever the old, patriarchal reasons for restricting a woman’s qualities to her physical attributes, it’s time now for a new vocabulary on feminine beauty.

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