A Spate of Celebrity Endorsements in Jewellery Advertising Signals Good News for the Industry

Jewellery ads featuring film stars and celebrities are a sign of revival for an industry that has weathered a difficult storm of excise duty, demonetization and GST.

Take Selfies with Your Favourite Celebrity at the New Madame Tussauds Delhi

Madame Tussauds launched in the Indian capital last week, and visitors can expect hours of heady indulgence while posing with their favourite celebrities.

How Sonam Kapoor Conquered the Virtual World

The Bollywood actress and fashion icon sure knows how to grab eyeballs. What is it that makes her social-media feed irresistible?

Muzaffar Ali: Fashioning His Own Faith

The award-winning maker of the 1981 classic Umrao Jaan, Muzaffar Ali admits feeling nervous every time he has to attend a big launch, whether a book release or a fashion show. But a film premiere is the most difficult of them all.

Diva Launch Issue Editorial, November 2012

Fame feeds those who make a living out of feeding fame. The media and celebrity are a symbiotic ecosystem.

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