Adeeb Ahamed Is Taking LuLu Group Further with Food, Toys and Fashion

The UAE-based MD of Lulu Exchange Holdings Adeeb Ahamed introduced popular international restaurant chains to India. This year, he is playing with toys and fashion.

Samrath Bedi: The Art and Science of Luxury Ayurveda

His mother started a premium Ayurvedic beauty brand, he made it an icon for Indian luxury. For Samrath Bedi, there’s no other place for Forest Essentials than the top.

Liza Varma: Party Virtuoso

Starting out with modelling for fun, and moving on to being one of India’s leading fashion choreographers with over 2,000 shows to her credit, Kolkata-born Liza Varma has been part of the Indian fashion and glamour circuit for several years.

Fine Wine, Broken Bottle

To become a global powerhouse, while we work full-steam on showcasing our talents, we also need to urgently work on our flaws. It is not difficult – India, after all, has the raw materials required for truly splendorous work.

The Small Picture: How SMEs Drive the Economy

The world over, SMEs drive economies – those mom-and-pop stores are the ones keeping the market alive. But in India, small startups faces huge blocks – from logistics to infrastructure to red tape and bureaucratic egos – that discourage their very existence. No surprise they contribute only 17 per cent to GDP.

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