The Many Hats of JJ Valaya

Ace Indian couturier JJ Valaya has straddled the world of interiors, photography and art with ease. Aekta Kapoor talks to the man behind the magic.

Feminine Confidence: The Backless Choli

Like the chiffon sari – epitomized to sensual perfection by the late Yash Raj in his films – the backless choli is sexy in a socially acceptable way, revealing without scandalizing, titillating imaginations without offending any. Its strings contain as much as they display – a silent, coy declaration of feminine confidence.

Diva’ni: Bollywood Scripted in Every Stitch

Coming at a time when more and more Indian fashion designers are waking up to the lucrative luxury bridal market, the tie-up with KBSH makes perfect sense for YRF, for the three-generation-old sari major is already waist-deep in designer wedding wear.

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