These Entrepreneurs Plan to Make Jaipur the Design Capital of India

A group of creative entrepreneurs and product designers have set out to mark Jaipur as the design capital of India. They believe that though Jaipur is a World Craft City, we need to make a special effort to sustain and incentivize traditional crafts.

Swati and Sunaina: Zari and the Art of Banarasi Sari Maintenance

Sari designers Swati Agarwal and Sunaina Jalan are reviving the art of Banarasi zari to make it economically viable and aesthetically breathtaking.

Eina Ahluwalia Show Review: Jewellery That Opens Your Mind

It is dark and the first sight we see is the gold bust of a fat woman. At the base lie jars of hair removal creams, tweezers and razors, along with flowers and candles. It is an altar for a Venus statue discovered several thousand years ago. The sight appalls and shocks you momentarily. Venus, fat? The death of hair removal?

Luxury Meter: Art of Our Lives

Art is one of the most sublime gifts that we have as humans; it need not be limited to an intellectual, esoteric minority. Like happiness which becomes doubled when shared, functional art is delight multiplied.

V Sanjay Kumar: Painting Words

V Sanjay Kumar tells us about the mindscape that went into the creation of his captivating literary masterpiece.

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